Pineapple Shaped Mesh Tea Light Holder in Yellow

When enjoying drinks and chats outside on a summer’s evening, it’s often nice to have candles and related small lighting pieces nearby to add extra ambiance. This pineapple shaped mesh tea light holder is thus a perfect candle accessory for those warm outside occasions. Pineapples are synonymous with warmer climates such as in the Caribbean and so evoke thoughts and feelings connected to fun beach scenes beneath palm trees and party atmospheres on the sand.

When lit, the candle within will shine through the wire mesh thereby creating a delightful lighting effect for an indoor or outdoor table. Made from colour-coated iron, the pineapple tea light holder can easily be positioned in whatever location you do desire and can adorn tables, chairs, shelves or even the floor. This particular holder is in yellow but they can also be found in orange and a pinky-purple. Add some tropical style to your summer evenings and light up the pineapple.

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