Adorable Cocker Spaniel Dog Themed Mug

For any owner of a Cocker Spaniel, a themed decorative item based on the dog is going to make a wonderful gift. Man’s best friend can be seen on millions of different decorative items from mugs and cups like this one to blankets, fine art, tapestries, lampshades and much more. We naturally like to portray people and animals we feel an affinity with and the dog is the most popular of all, as well as being the most owned pet in the United Kingdom (an estimated 7.3 million of them).

This hand decorated mug will make a delightful addition to any dog or animal themed kitchenware set as well as being a single standalone feature in your coffee and tea repertoire. A great thing about this mug is the fact that 35 pence from the sale price will go to the charity ‘Help for Heroes’ which helps wounded British soldiers. This is particularly apt after the recent death of British soldier Lance Cpl. Liam Tasker and his beloved Springer Theo in Afghanistan.

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