Palonia Solid Paulownia Wood Coffee Table with Floral Patterns

One of the many things I enjoyed working on during my art classes at school was woodworking and creating decorative and elaborate boxes, sculptures and, to my great satisfaction, intricately designed tables. This Palonia coffee table made from Paulownia wood brought the memories flooding back and brought a smile to my face. For anyone lacking an attractive box-like coffee table for their living room, it is a perfect candidate.

So what is this strange sounding Paulownia wood exactly? The Paulownia is a species of tree native to China and parts of Laos and Vietnam. It’s very light, fine grained and is widely used in the production of boxes, chests, tables and even clogs. In fact, some people even make surfboards from this material due to its warp resistant properties.

The hand-carved floral decorations on the sides and top of the coffee table are a unique feature that won’t be seen in many other tables of this sort. A strong finish means it can be used as an everyday table for the placement of drinks, remote controls, books and vases.

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