Simple Towel Rail That Hooks Over A Cupboard Door

The Forma over-door tea towel rail is a functional answer to the problem of where to store towels, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Tea towels are often left folded on a counter top or draped over a closed cabinet door. However, this creates a gap and renders useless the point of a cupboard door in the first place. If you want a handy place to hang your tea towel where it won’t drop on the floor or become a nuisance, then this simple towel rail is the answer.

The rail just slips onto the door without the need for screws, drills and other complicated fixing equipment. A rubber lining on the part of the rail which remains unseen behind the door protects the cabinet wood surface from damage and scrapes. When in place, all doors close securely, as if the rail was not there at all. The size of the rail means it can hold anything from tea towels to bathroom towels and thus can be placed on bathroom doors and cabinets as well.

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