Skull and Crossbones Pirate Doormat

Shiver me Timbers! What’s this I see! Why, it’s a skull and crossbones pirate doormat perfect for placement by your front or back door. Leave it outside or inside and it will inspire the bones of any young wanna-be buccaneer that crosses the threshold. Your neighbours might not want to venture near but friends and family will find it most humorous and entertaining. If they don’t, you can threaten them with a walk along your plank!

The red, black and cream pirate themed doormat is highly durable and will swipe away dirt from the underneath of your shoes faster than Jack Sparrow can say “Where is that monkey, I want to shoot something!”. If you’re a fan of general pillaging and acquiring booty, then you’ll love this pirate doormat. The only trouble, as a previous reviewer found to his cost, is that some scallywag might steal it if left outside. Guard it closely me hearties!

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