Stacker Gismo Double Shelf Hanging Kitchen Pot Rack

Do you feel you need the largest pot rack and shelf assembly there is to offer for your kitchen? If so, you will find this Stacker Gismo kitchen pot rack to your liking. It includes not one but two shelves which are connected to one another by attractive stainless steel links. The troubles you might well face over where to put kitchenware, dried foods and other utensils will be solved instantly with the large amount of storage space this double hanging pot rack provides.

In fact, there are two ways this pot rack can be laid out. The first is in the form which can be seen in the picture. This provides plenty of storage and acts as suspended shelving from which pots and pans can also be hung. The second way takes advantage of the cast iron ends which allow the shelves to be laid out vertically, thus doing away with flat shelving and creating a simple rack on which to hang cookware. The latter of which will look particular good against a wall.

There’s more. You can even combine the two styles and add even more shelving. The highest shelf can be placed horizontally, as seen in the image whilst the lower shelf can be tipped vertically and used as the main pot rack. There are many variations you can achieve with this Stacker Gismo hanging pot rack, depending on your kitchen size and storage requirements.

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