Giant LEGO-Man Head Storage Container in the Iconic Yellow

Everyone is familiar with the iconic yellow LEGO men dressed in a variety of different clothing styles, whether a fan of the hugely popular interlocking plastic bricks or not. This giant storage container in the shape of the LEGO-man’s head is therefore an apt addition to a home with enthusiasts of the construction toy present, child or adult. We all have fond memories of certain childhood games and no matter how old one gets, there’s still a certain amount of fun and satisfaction to be gained from playing with, or owning, items related to the toys from our pasts.

The large container is perfect for the storage of a whole range of household items, including LEGO bricks, sweets, biscuits, pens and other bits and pieces that don’t have a home elsewhere. Whether put to use in a storage capacity or not, the iconic looking glossy LEGO-man head storage container will brighten up a room and add humour to the interior. There are two different sizes of head, one small and the other large. Both will fulfil two functions in one with their eye-catching designs and handy lidded storage spaces.

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