Rubberwood and Mango Coffee Table from the Jafar Collection

Bringing a touch of the exotic into a room can be just what the designer ordered. More often than not, interior design schemes can become a bit stale and require a little injection of foreign influence. Take a look at this rubberwood and mango coffee table for example which is part of the Jafar Collection of furniture for the home. It combines the lesser found rubberwood with an interesting Indian and Far Eastern style craftsmanship and lattice details.

Isn’t Rubberwood Too Bendy?

Funnily enough, the name of this wood is rather deceptive as to its real qualities. Rubberwood is actually a member of the Maple family and it is strong, sturdy and durable. This type of wood also has one of the lowest shrinkage rates in wood and thus provides a stable material for the construction of furniture and architectural features. The name actually comes from the fact latex is produced by the tree in a similar way as sap comes from Maple trees.

Features of the Jafar Table

The top of the table features moulded resin fret work panels which have been covered with tempered glass panels. This makes cleaning the table surface very easy and also provides a more reflective material than standard wood surfaces. The lattice work hints at South and East Asian furniture decorations and patterns and can be seen throughout the Jafar Collection. Two drawers are present just beneath the table-top which are ideal for the storage of bits and pieces such as TV remote controls, magazines, notepads and pens. The rustic appearance will suit a wide variety of interior décor schemes.

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