The Benefits of Ceramic Tile in the Home Interior

There are a number of benefits that ceramic tile brings to the home interior and it’s no wonder that many households across Britain are employing this material in ever more places. Whether it’s used on the floor or on the wall, ceramic tiling not only adds protection from possible water spillage but also contributes to the overall decorative ambiance of a room in which it is laid. Just about any interior in the conventional home can benefit from tiles, big or small, from backsplashes in the kitchen to floors in the bathroom and pantry.

So what are the complete benefits?

Attractive Appearance

The number one reason that people in the United Kingdom buying ceramic tiles is due to their appearance and the decorative benefits they bring to the rest of the home. As the name suggests, tiles of this nature are made from ceramic materials which include earthenware and porcelain.

They come in a variety of different colours, tones, shapes and patterns, all of which will suit a particular décor style. Some are glazed, which offer a more shiny and reflective quality whilst others are unglazed, thereby providing a more natural and often rustic appearance.

Still others are hand-decorated with patterns and motifs, which can be used as backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom. Special ceramic tiles are even designed to stand alone and act as little works of art in themselves.

Waterproof Tiles

Ceramic tiles are perfect for placement in areas where a lot of water is splashed about. These regions in the home include the area around the kitchen sink, the shower cubicle, the sink backsplash in the bathroom, plus floor areas in the above mentioned rooms and more.

When installed professional, the tiles provide a waterproof surface which doesn’t corrode or rot. They can also last for decades with the right care and treatment. The floor space in the hallway directly next to the front door is also an ideal place to lay ceramic tiles so as to protect the flooring where people enter the home in often less clean conditions.

Easy to Wipe Clean

Compared to most other surfaces, ceramic tiling is extremely easy to keep clean. More often than not, a simple wipe with standard cleaning fluid and water will remove the vast majority of dirt, stains, spills and dust. This is why it’s used so widely in bathroom and kitchen environments. Stains will never have a chance to spoil a ceramic tile surface which is another benefit and lends a hand to the longevity of the material.


One might be forgiven for assuming ceramic tiling would be beneficial only for backsplashes. However, many homes have beautiful ceramic tile flooring which really transforms an interior look. As well as this, ceramic tile can cover both walls and floors in the same room and this is most commonly seen in the bathroom, around shower stalls.

Good Investment

Installing new ceramic tiles can be an expensive endeavour but the long term benefits are huge. The price of your house can be increased quite dramatically with beautifully laid ceramic tiles in various areas of the home. A well designed kitchen backsplash or bathtub surround can make a room look elegant, sophisticated, modern and very clean.

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