Three White Rattan Storage Baskets in a 3-Tier Wooden Unit

When it comes to bathroom furniture, the ideal tone for furniture and storage accessories is white. Many bathrooms in Britain are white in nature and those that are not are often of a similar tone such as cream or very light blues, pinks and greens. A white 3-tier rattan basket storage unit for the bathroom interior is therefore an apt accessory to purchase for it is likely to fit into the vast majority of bathroom interior décor styles.

Storage in the bathroom is often overlooked in the excitement of installing a bathtub or a contemporary shower cubicle. Unfortunately, also, many homes in Britain are of an age where the bathroom was made small and thus large cabinets and storage cupboards are impossible to install. That’s why smaller wooden units with basket storage potential are ideal for these types of room.

Indeed, whether the bathroom is small or large, white rattan baskets are an attractive feature and can be placed in just about any interior in the entire home, including a conservatory, kitchen or pantry. They are perfect for placing small items which are needed on a daily or weekly basis inside. Rattan is extremely durable and is not easy to split, which makes it ideal for this type of home storage accessory.

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