Tall Giraffe Beer Tower for Easy, Effective and Entertaining Drinks Storage

For the frequent home beer drinker, the tall Giraffe beer tower will become an irreplaceable tool that’ll revolutionise the way beer is drunken in the home. No longer will you have to rise from the armchair after every glass has been emptied and then try to remember the route back to your seat once refilled. […]

Red 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet for a Home Office Interior

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your home office should be light on professional-looking office equipment. Making a home office/study/library into something resembling a commercial office space can help focus the mind on the important work at hand and increase work production. If you have clients visiting the home as well, then a […]

Foldaway Cards and Games Table – Also Perfect for Jigsaws

Tired of having to clear away the dining room table every time you want to play cards with friends or family? Perhaps you want to spend a few days completing a 10,000 piece jigsaw without upsetting dinner plans. Let me introduce you to the foldaway cards table which also functions as a table for playing […]

Old Fashioned School Hand Bell Made From Solid Brass

The sound of the school bell meant it was time to stop playing and line up to re-enter the classroom. The school bell has for centuries been a means of alerting children that it was time to come in. They can still be seen, and heard, around some parts of Britain but sadly they are […]

Archer Floor Lamp with Gold Leaf Detail and Black Shade

The addition of floor lamps to a room is a great way to bring accent lighting to the interior space. This Archer gold leaf floor lamp with black shade is just such an example of a lighting element that can both provide light and decoration to part of a living room, dining room or bedroom. […]

Red Man on a Gondola Spoon Rest – Koziol Luigi

The Koziol Luigi spoon rest is an exciting red accessory designed specifically for the kitchen. A little red gondolier figure stands upon a traditional looking flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat (the gondola) with his arms out stretched ready to take care of various kitchen utensils such as a spoon. The little man is full of character […]

Glass Ball Table Lamp with a Soft Glow

When looking for a table lamp with a difference, you might well look twice and thrice at the beautiful Sphere Opal Glass Table Light as seen in the image to the right. The glass ball table lamp is ideal for a contemporary interior setting and is designed to sit on a table or cabinet surface. […]

Graceful Oak Wine Rack with Accompanying Drawer

Wine bottles need to be securely stored away but at the same time be easily accessed when required. This is where furniture such as this oak wine rack with accompanying drawer comes onto the scene. It’s difficult not to be impressed with oak wood furniture. This species of tree’s wood has long been used in […]

Dandelion Seeds Blowing in the Wind Wall Sticker From Spin Collective

There’s something romantic about the gentle dance of the Dandelion seed as it sails on the breeze after being let loose from its moorings on the seed head. The parachute like top twists and turns as it seeks new ground on which to land. This dandelion seed vinyl wall sticker captures this delicate and beautiful […]

Faux Leather 6-Foot Sofa Lounger Bean Bag

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than lounging comfortably on a stylish bean-bag sofa lounger. That’s precisely what you can do too with the version shown in the image. It’s 6 foot in length and is capable of holding up to three adults when in a seated position. Of course, one adult can […]

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