Dandelion Seeds Blowing in the Wind Wall Sticker From Spin Collective

There’s something romantic about the gentle dance of the Dandelion seed as it sails on the breeze after being let loose from its moorings on the seed head. The parachute like top twists and turns as it seeks new ground on which to land. This dandelion seed vinyl wall sticker captures this delicate and beautiful movement wonderfully well and is the basis for its popularity. If you need some expressive and unique wall décor for a living room, study or bedroom, then this wall decal will be perfect.

The best aspect of the dandelion wall sticker is the fact that you can arrange the seeds any which way you like and if you’re not content with the final arrangement, you can just start again. As well as the dandelion stem and head, there are 16 seeds with which to play with. There are also a variety of colour options and these include purchasing the dandelion wall vinyl collection in black (as shown), white, red, silver, blue, green and a whole host more.

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