Faux Leather 6-Foot Sofa Lounger Bean Bag

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than lounging comfortably on a stylish bean-bag sofa lounger. That’s precisely what you can do too with the version shown in the image. It’s 6 foot in length and is capable of holding up to three adults when in a seated position. Of course, one adult can do just about anything on it from lounging around and relaxing to sitting watching television or reading a magazine. It’s so comfortable, you’ll find it difficult not to fall asleep on it too.

Whilst the version in the picture is black, the 6-foot bean bag sofa lounger’s faux-leather cover also comes in two other colours which are brown and ivory. These varying colour choices means the bean bag lounger can be selected to fit in with existing décor schemes and room designs without causing too much of a tonal clash. The sofa, pliable and quality faux-leather is easy to clean and is comfortable to the touch. Reinforced seams make it highly durable and capable of withstanding a lot of wear. It’s a great choice for teenagers and young adults and will look great in any type of room.

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