Foldaway Cards and Games Table – Also Perfect for Jigsaws

Tired of having to clear away the dining room table every time you want to play cards with friends or family? Perhaps you want to spend a few days completing a 10,000 piece jigsaw without upsetting dinner plans. Let me introduce you to the foldaway cards table which also functions as a table for playing kid’s board games, chess, backgammon and dominoes. It’s multifunctional and can probably be used for a whole host of other fun activities as well.

The table’s top benefit is that it folds away when not in use, thereby saving space. It can easily be fitted into a storage cabinet, a utility room, a garage or under the bed. When folded away its depth is just 6cm meaning it can slide into the narrowest of spaces. The legs are designed to fold away and lock into place, either when functioning as a table or when collapsed and stored away. A green non-woven cloth completes the look and measures 81cm x81cm (32in x32in).

The wooden frame has been given an attractive mahogany finish and is very sturdy. It certainly beats the kitchen table and has the look of a professional card table. Perfect for a groups of friends to sit around playing cards and enjoying a beer.

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