Glass Ball Table Lamp with a Soft Glow

When looking for a table lamp with a difference, you might well look twice and thrice at the beautiful Sphere Opal Glass Table Light as seen in the image to the right. The glass ball table lamp is ideal for a contemporary interior setting and is designed to sit on a table or cabinet surface. A flat bottom keeps it from rolling away and the beautiful soft glow that is emitted when lit sends a warmth into the room which will compliment and accentuate various existing decorative features already present in the room.

Whether you want the glass ball table lamp for a coffee table, dining table, accent table or bedside table, the circular light will be similar to that of the moon glowing in the night sky, but of course, with a more inviting tone. Table lamps in the more traditional style can be found in some super designs but if you’re seeking something with a bit more of a modern and unique character, then the Sphere Opal Glass Table Light really is going to be first in the queue when it comes to your possible choices. Especially suitable for romantic evenings in.

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