Graceful Oak Wine Rack with Accompanying Drawer

Wine bottles need to be securely stored away but at the same time be easily accessed when required. This is where furniture such as this oak wine rack with accompanying drawer comes onto the scene. It’s difficult not to be impressed with oak wood furniture. This species of tree’s wood has long been used in the construction of homes, furniture, ships and a multitude of other important objects for thousands of years on these small islands of ours.

The graceful looking wine rack features 15 bottle holders each carved from North American light oak wood. A single drawer above provides storage space for wine accessories such as bottle openers, placemats, bottle plugs, napkins and even wine magazines. As previous buyers have noted, the oak wine rack is sturdy, long-lasting and very easy on the eye. The quality of delivery is also very high so you’re sure to receive it in perfect condition.

If you have an oak kitchen, then this graceful wine rack will make an excellent addition to the interior setting. In fact, it’s going to compliment a wide array of design schemes, regardless of existing materials already in place, and will instantly become a highly functional and attractive feature to a kitchen or dining room.

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