Old Fashioned School Hand Bell Made From Solid Brass

The sound of the school bell meant it was time to stop playing and line up to re-enter the classroom. The school bell has for centuries been a means of alerting children that it was time to come in. They can still be seen, and heard, around some parts of Britain but sadly they are becoming an item of history. That needn’t be the case for your own family however and this old fashioned school hand bed made from solid brass is available for £29.

Use it in the home to bring your children to the dinner table, or ring it outside, preferably if you live in a more rural area, to alert the kids and their friends it’s time for homework or tea. Of course, the beauty of the brass bell together with its cultural and historical significance means it can be a purely decorative feature in the home, perhaps on a side table, chest of drawers or atop a corner shelf in the hallway.

If you ever lose your voice for a day, then the bell will make the perfect replacement.

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