Red Man on a Gondola Spoon Rest – Koziol Luigi

The Koziol Luigi spoon rest is an exciting red accessory designed specifically for the kitchen. A little red gondolier figure stands upon a traditional looking flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat (the gondola) with his arms out stretched ready to take care of various kitchen utensils such as a spoon. The little man is full of character and will certainly bring a touch of humour, interest and even memories of wonderful holidays had in Italy.

One can almost imagine little Luigi the gondolier rowing his vessel across your kitchen sideboards and table tops, with your salt and pepper shakers acting like the domed architecture of Venice. When cooking, you can rest a wooden spoon or spatula into the white plastic mini-gondola ready for later use or for washing. Incidentally, both the red man and his boat can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s perfect for a red themed kitchen but will also look the part in just about any décor scheme.

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