Tall Giraffe Beer Tower for Easy, Effective and Entertaining Drinks Storage

For the frequent home beer drinker, the tall Giraffe beer tower will become an irreplaceable tool that’ll revolutionise the way beer is drunken in the home. No longer will you have to rise from the armchair after every glass has been emptied and then try to remember the route back to your seat once refilled. Placed on a small table next to your seating position, all you’ll need to do is turn the tap and the beautiful golden liquid comes pouring out just like in the local pub.

The tall beer tower is capable of holding up to 7 pints of beer and comes with a dispensing tap that’s very easy to pour. This is also designed to be at a height that allows a typical beer glass to be placed underneath without the need for tipping. Whether you’re drinking with a spouse or with half a dozen mates, the table-top beer storage tower will be both highly functional and extremely eye-catching.

It’s not just beer that can be contained within the Giraffe tower either. Any liquids including wine, spirits, cocktails or soft drinks can also be stored in the tower. This gives it a wide-ranging appeal and can be located in any room in the home or alternatively outside in the garden (preferably in the shade) during warmer days of the year. There’s something about watching the drink level go down and down that is rather satisfying. It’ll be hard not to have a go and turn the tap when first setting eyes on a full tower.

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