Wet Rooms are Great Possibilities for Small and Underused Interiors

Tired of continuously having to wait for your sons and daughters to exit the bathroom each morning before work? For households with two or more children, the race for the bathroom facilities can be a nightmare and the resulting arguments and rushing around can spoil the rest of the day. In other cases, the bathroom interior is a small and cramped area with little room to open the shower cubicle door without it bashing against a sink or toilet.

There is a solution to both of these common difficulties however and that’s the use of a wet room. This is similar to a normal bathroom in many ways but with a notable difference. A wet room is designed in a way that makes it akin to a complete shower cubicle in that the walls are waterproofed and everything within is intended to withstand the effects of water. The concept of the wet room means shower curtains, stalls and partitions are made redundant.

Wet rooms are particularly suitable in small interiors but they can also be integrated into larger bathrooms with a simple separation wall in between the different areas. The complete interior of the wet room in effect becomes a shower cubicle without the glass doors. A slightly sloping floor complete with drainage is required and this allows all the water to drain away during and after the showering process.

The inclusion of a wet room into the family home can however meet with architectural and planning problems if certain requirements are not met. A wet room needs proper drainage systems which might not be easy to install in some areas of the home. It also needs to be properly waterproofed which can be an expensive endeavour. The foundation below the wet room floor will also need to be given treatment to avoid any leaks from damaging the rest of the home.

The benefits of a wet room are huge however. The interior is very easy to clean and in most cases can be cleaned using the shower nozzle and standard cleaning products. The inclusion of an extra shower room in a household with many people is highly beneficial, for obvious reasons. A good quality wet room is also going to raise the value of the house or apartment in which it is placed, thereby becoming a sound investment for the future.

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