Milton Coloured Storage Unit – 5 Drawers, 2 Cupboards and Open Shelving

Good solid storage furniture is a necessity when designing a beautiful interior, whether this is a bedroom, study or living room. This Milton coloured storage unit is in my view just such a furniture piece and will fit nicely into a wide range of different interior styles and spaces. With a combination of drawers, cupboards and open shelving all in one cabinet, the Milton storage unit has it all and it also looks great.

Many of us like to keep decorative items on view so we can enjoy their presence without hiding them away through not having enough display space. This storage unit provides this open shelving space for photographs, small floral displays, sculptures and various bits and pieces a family keeps on show. Drawer storage too can be at a premium as can hidden cupboard space. Both of these considerations are also considered in this attractive multi-functional Milton storage unit.

Made from solid oak with matching veneers, the cabinet comes with contemporary coloured doors and lightly oiled surfaces. The appearance of the storage unit comprising drawers, cupboards and shelving means it will complement and enhance just about any style that is pre-existing in the room in which it is placed. Highly functional and delightful in form. It’s hard to find furniture pieces like this.

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