Stylish Wooden Lichfield Bureau Perfect for Writing Letters

Anyone who loves to write letters to distant friends and family needs a good quality Lichfield bureau like the one in the photo to the right. We’re all familiar with classic paintings depicting men and women sitting in front of a wooden bureau writing letters, notes, poems and postcards to their loved ones. The very image has become a romanticised one and has kept alive the art of handwritten letters even during the onset of the computer age and email.

This Lichfield bureau is a delightfully designed furniture piece for a living room, bedroom or home office. It can even be placed in a large hallway or positioned on a wide landing area next to a window with a lovely view. The bureau is crafted from American oak and real oak veneers and comes with a durable protective lacquer as a quality finish. The natural wood grains which add beauty to any wooden furniture piece, make the bureau extra special.

The bureau consists of a cupboard space in the lower portion of the body and a fold-out desk in the upper portion which also reveals extra space and two smaller drawer sections. Within these storage areas, can be placed papers, writing implements, cards, envelopes, stamps and reference books as well as previous correspondence. A large and smooth writing surface provides the perfect setting for the composition of letters to dear ones faraway, plus an exceptionally attractive furniture item which will complement existing home décor schemes.

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