Teapot Shaped Pendant Ceiling Lamp for Quirky Tea Connoisseurs

Why not take your love of tea a step further with this delightfully eccentric teapot shaped pendant ceiling lamp? It’s whimsical, funny and eye-catching and will serve not only a dazzling light display but a pot full of laughs and gentle gasps. A teapot hanging from the ceiling is the last thing your friends and guests will expect but it is sure to give them an advanced warning that your home is a serious tea drinking sanctuary.

Tea, glorious tea, who could live without a fresh cup of tea in the morning? This quirky teapot-shaped pendant light can be positioned in any room but will suit a kitchen or dining room the most. In whichever space you drink tea, with family or friends, it have plenty of room and time for this style of lamp. The pendant design itself is inspired by the teapots from the first half of the 20th Century and the fixture as a whole is therefore imbued with a retro character.

It’s ceramic in nature and depending on the type of light bulb you use, can take on the appearance of a real teapot floating in the air with tea inside ready to be enjoyed.

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