Growing Leaf Metal Wall Mirror with Intertwining Leaves and Stems

Tired of your boring hallway or bedroom mirror that is all glass and nothing much else? Your reflection of course will brighten up any mirror but often a more decorative border to your mirror is needed. That’s why this metal Growing Leaf Mirror caught my eye and is perfect for placement on a wall which needs a more interesting focus. The natural world is a wonderful inspiration for home décor and the leaves and stems that surround this mirror echo the wonders found in the woodlands, meadows and gardens of Britain.

Made from iron, the leaves and stems intertwine along nearly the entire border of the mirror. An underlying simple framework provides a solid and understated backdrop to the stems and the contrast between straight lines and curving metal is rather delightful. This type of decorative and organic themed mirror will look great in a hallway where family and guests alike can check on their appearance upon entering or before exiting the home. It will also add apparent space to a bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen as well as artistic merit.

It can be bought in a variety of different sizes depending on your requirements.

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