Round Drum-Shaped Stonehenge Coffee Table

A circular coffee table with a contemporary look is going to open up interior décor possibilities that a standard rectangular coffee table will not. This round drum-shaped coffee table called ‘Stonehenge’ is an eye-catching modern take on the traditional living room table design. The main role of a coffee table of any type is to provide a convenient table surface for people sitting on a sofa or armchair and this Stonehenge coffee table is no exception.

A round table in any setting allows for more unusual and original furniture layouts in living room interior. In regards to round coffee tables, the addition of extra chairs or curving sofas can be combined with the circular table to form an interesting arrangement that brings added interest to a space. Certain sculptural arrangements will also find a more welcoming home on top of a circular coffee table rather than on a square or rectangular surface.

The Stonehenge coffee table as seen in the picture is made from oak veneers and has been given a natural lacquered finish. It’s shape and look means it will fit into a wide variety of living room décor schemes and make your living space one that is a lot different from the norm, which is also a positive. In many ways too, it is reminiscent of the central hearth that our ancestors gathered around many centuries ago.

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