World Travellers Wall Clock Showing 4 Different Time Zones

Do you have friends and relatives living in different cities around the world? Perhaps you like to keep up-to-date on world events and breaking news whilst at the same time knowing the time in a particular location. That’s why you’ll need a 4-in-1 wall clock such as this Newgate World Travellers Clock which features the […]

White Bloom Pendant Lampshade Inspired by Flower Petals

Inspired by the curving forms of a flower petal, this white bloom pendant lampshade is a beautiful choice for a ceiling light. Made from recyclable materials, the lampshade’s shape allows for light to be cast in different directions thereby creating an impressive feature to any type of interior space. As is often the case, items […]

Tasteful Fabric Owl Doorstop

Doorstops are usually rather brutish looking things but are accepted because of their functionality when it comes to holding a door open. However, you can also find decorative ones such as this tasteful red and white fabric owl doorstop. Instead of a boring metal brick or wooden wedge, this owl doorstop will add a vibrant, […]

Christmas Holly Themed Mug

Green and red holly is synonymous with Christmas time in much the same way as snowmen, nativity scenes, decorated trees and Father Christmas. This holly themed mug will therefore make a nice addition to the home during the festive period. Featuring decorative holly around the outside and the repeated words “Holly” within the rim, this […]