Tasteful Fabric Owl Doorstop

Doorstops are usually rather brutish looking things but are accepted because of their functionality when it comes to holding a door open. However, you can also find decorative ones such as this tasteful red and white fabric owl doorstop. Instead of a boring metal brick or wooden wedge, this owl doorstop will add a vibrant, fun and homely feel to an interior space. For a household with kids, the owl will be a particularly appealing feature and as such will be perfect for propping open a door leading to a child’s bedroom or playroom.

That said, its charming appearance will also suit the main living room or hallway just as much. Owls have long been an inspiration for artists and designers owing to their unique and easily-recognisable shape and features. In the Western World, owls are generally associated with wisdom and this has its roots in Ancient Greece. They are beautiful birds, both in the wild and in particular when they have been lovingly crafted in fabric like the one pictured above, which can be purchased below.

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