White Bloom Pendant Lampshade Inspired by Flower Petals

Inspired by the curving forms of a flower petal, this white bloom pendant lampshade is a beautiful choice for a ceiling light. Made from recyclable materials, the lampshade’s shape allows for light to be cast in different directions thereby creating an impressive feature to any type of interior space. As is often the case, items with a decidedly natural theme are often the most delightful to look at and bring into a much loved interior décor scheme.

Flowers offer artists and designers a wide variety of creative possibilities. This white bloom pendant lampshade will compliment a large room and compliment décor associated with contemporary living. During the evening, when the ceiling light is lit, the flower-shaped lampshade will glow with a stunning beauty and highlight the different folds, surfaces and curvatures that make up the body of the shade. Perfect for a living room, dining room or bedroom.

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