World Travellers Wall Clock Showing 4 Different Time Zones

Do you have friends and relatives living in different cities around the world? Perhaps you like to keep up-to-date on world events and breaking news whilst at the same time knowing the time in a particular location. That’s why you’ll need a 4-in-1 wall clock such as this Newgate World Travellers Clock which features the time for 4 different cities on 3 separate continents. These include London, Paris, Tokyo and New York.

Each of the four clocks on one wall clock panel are different in design, shape and size. The British time zone is the most prominent and easiest to distinguish making it ideal for any household in the Britain. If you’ve ever lived in different time zones from where your family are situated, you’ll know how often it can be confusing to keep up with what time it is back home. The same applies to relations of those living abroad especially in the time zones applicable to this clock. As such, this multiple face wall clock will make an excellent addition to your wall whether thinking of loved ones far away or planning a trip of your own.

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