Natural Wood Laptop Tray with a Soft Cushion below for Your Lap

More and more people are using laptops rather than the more bulky table-top PCs. For this reason, people are also spending more time with their laptops in armchairs and on sofas in front of the television. Anyone who uses a laptop for any amount of time will know how warm the device can get after […]

Black Coat Tree Wall Sticker Silhouette for a Hallway

A great alternative to the traditional coat stand in a hallway or entrance space is this black coat tree wall sticker silhouette. It does away with the need for furniture racks and stands, and instead provides a more imaginative way to store your coats. This is particularly useful for hallways which are on the small […]

Framed Country House Giclée Print for the Wall by Sally Swanell

One of my favourite subjects when it comes to wall art is architecture. Perhaps it’s my background in Interior Design that so attracts me to wonderful works such as this framed Country House giclée print by Wiltshire-based artist Sally Swanell. The print features a traditional looking house with a neat garden surrounded by trees. Everything […]

Willow Stair Basket for Quick and Temporary Storage

I can’t be the only one to have a myriad of things on the bottom step of my staircase ready to take up with me at least once a day. It’s laborious to constantly go up and down the stairs just to take a shampoo bottle to the bathroom or a book back to the […]

Jack Russell Personalised Cushion with Space for His/Her Name

Do you own a little Jack Russell with a personality bigger than the entire county? If so, a personalised cushion such as the one pictured to the right will make an excellent addition to your dog-themed home décor. As any owner of this type of dog will know, it is an energetic breed which relies […]