Framed Country House Giclée Print for the Wall by Sally Swanell

One of my favourite subjects when it comes to wall art is architecture. Perhaps it’s my background in Interior Design that so attracts me to wonderful works such as this framed Country House giclée print by Wiltshire-based artist Sally Swanell. The print features a traditional looking house with a neat garden surrounded by trees. Everything is beautifully decorated and little details such as bird boxes, garlands and a doorbell are included.

Swanell has had her art work sold across the world including in Europe and the United States. Her distinctive style make her a popular talent and her great choice of colours and subject matters, including houses and coastal scenes, have seen her grow a large fan base. If you’re looking to brighten up a particular wall in your home with a warm and cheerful picture then this framed giclée print of a country house will be perfect.

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