Jack Russell Personalised Cushion with Space for His/Her Name

Do you own a little Jack Russell with a personality bigger than the entire county? If so, a personalised cushion such as the one pictured to the right will make an excellent addition to your dog-themed home décor. As any owner of this type of dog will know, it is an energetic breed which relies on a high level of exercise and stimulation. The cushion is therefore pretty spot on when it comes to the apparent reality of a home with a Jack Russell.

Dog-owners soon find that a home can sometimes revolve around their beloved dog. There’s something extremely comforting about having a friendly and happy little dog in the home and when it’s not around for any length of time, the house can seem even more empty than usual. This cushion can be personalised with your Jack Russell’s name and is made from cream herringbone cotton. Whether placed on a sofa, bed or upon a shelf, the cushion will become a symbol of your love for your dog, for all to see.

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