Natural Wood Laptop Tray with a Soft Cushion below for Your Lap

More and more people are using laptops rather than the more bulky table-top PCs. For this reason, people are also spending more time with their laptops in armchairs and on sofas in front of the television. Anyone who uses a laptop for any amount of time will know how warm the device can get after half an hour of usage. That’s why this natural wood laptop tray was designed and makes tapping away on a laptop a lot more comfortable and rewarding.

With the internet, laptop usage has expanded and many people surf the net during the evenings when there’s little to watch on the TV. Social networking sites, email, games and the staggering amount of information available at our fingertips makes relaxing in front of the computer screen on a chair or sofa, a frequent occurrence in a lot of households. This laptop tray comes with a soft cushion underside which protects your lap from excess heat and the hardness of the metal material laptops are made from. The tray can also be used as a plate holder for evening meals, as well as a surface for reading and writing.

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