By Nord’s Cotton Sheep Face Cushion

You don’t need to be a keen practitioner of counting sheep before going to sleep in order to appreciate this quirky and eye-catching sheep cushion. Made from 100% cotton, the photographic cushion features a sheep looking directly into the “camera” and thus will appear to be looking straight into the room when placed on a […]

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Figurine in Fine Bone China

On the 29th of April 2011, Prince William married Catherine Middleton, his long-term girlfriend and became collectively known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This beautiful Kate Middleton fine bone china royal wedding figurine is a fabulous collector’s item for anyone with a fondness for the British royal family and their history. The figurine […]

2012 London Olympics Blue Glass Paperweight

The London Olympics of 2012 are just around the corner and before you know it the opening ceremony will be taking place. Like many millions of people around the world who will unfortunately be at work during many of the exciting events, a more symbolic reminder of the exciting sporting spectacle will have to suffice […]

High Quality 4-Slice Red Vario Toaster – Made in England

This red Vario toaster will make a lovely addition to a kitchen interior with a decidedly red décor scheme. The 4-slice toaster is actually made for commercial use but has become increasingly popular in domestic settings. This is thanks to the ingenious award winning and patented ProHeat technology which guarantees increased life and efficiency of […]

Mottisfont Large Glazed Dining Room Dresser in Various Colours

Looking for a dining room dresser that will last for a life-time? That’s exactly what you’ll get with this large Mottisfont glazed dresser which comes in a choice of colours, fittings, and other additions. It’s impressive to the eye and will fill a large void against a wall which you might have in a dining […]

Protruding Resin Buddha Wall Plaque for Meditation Rooms

Have you decided that relaxation and harmony are important aspects you want to add to your life? Perhaps you’ve cleared a back room in order to create a meditation retreat in your home. If so, this protruding resin Buddha wall plaque will add a decorative and symbolic reminder of your spiritual journey and practice. The […]

Felix Rectangular Dining Table with X-Shaped Oak Legs and Glass Top

One of the most important items of furniture for the dining room is the dining table. As the main feature in this room and perhaps also the kitchen, it’s imperative that this furniture piece is both highly functional and attractive in form. This is certainly the case with the Felix rectangular dining table with x-shaped […]

Segada Cocoon Floor Light Inspired by Silkworms

Some of the best designs in home décor are often inspired by the wonders of nature. This is certainly the case with this beautiful self-standing Segada Cocoon floor lamp which mimics the incredible cocoons that silkworms create before transforming into adult moths. One can clearly see the connection between the silky appearance of this floor […]

The Urbino Corner Sofa Unit in Multiple Choices of Fabric and Colour

The Urbino corner sofa unit is contemporary, comfortable and attractive without being excessively decorated and frilly. If you’re looking for a corner sofa which will compliment your living room’s interior décor whilst at the same time retaining a sense of unstated charm, then this furniture piece will be an ideal choice. It can easily seat […]

Red Bobble Table Lamp with Candlestick-Style Base

One of the best ways to bring a dash of colour to an interior space is through the medium of light. This delightfully cheerful and energetic red Bobble lamp is a fine example of how a room can be transformed from the mundane and ordinary to the exciting and stimulating. Not only does it provide […]