2012 London Olympics Blue Glass Paperweight

The London Olympics of 2012 are just around the corner and before you know it the opening ceremony will be taking place. Like many millions of people around the world who will unfortunately be at work during many of the exciting events, a more symbolic reminder of the exciting sporting spectacle will have to suffice until the evening television can be enjoyed. This 2012 London Olympics blue glass paperweight is just such an item and features the official London Games emblem with gold detailing on a blue-tinted background.

Paperweights are great home office accessories and are primarily used to keep papers from accidentally being blown across the room in the event of a draft or knocked onto the floor by a stray movement of an arm. A paperweight like this one is thus both functional and full of decorative form. If you are excited about the Olympics coming to Britain and want to show your support for the entire event, then this blue Olympic themed paperweight will be the perfect accessory for your home, whether in your work space or on the kitchen table.

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