By Nord’s Cotton Sheep Face Cushion

You don’t need to be a keen practitioner of counting sheep before going to sleep in order to appreciate this quirky and eye-catching sheep cushion. Made from 100% cotton, the photographic cushion features a sheep looking directly into the “camera” and thus will appear to be looking straight into the room when placed on a sofa, armchair, bed, or floor. Inspired by the hardy animals from the Nordic region, this cushion will make a fine feature in just about any location in the home and will certainly make a talking point amongst visiting friends and family.

Sheep have been a part of popular British, European and World cultures for many centuries. Many religious tales and stories from folklore involve this plentiful animal. Perhaps the most famous being the ram that was sacrificed instead of Abraham’s son Isaac, the symbolism of Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God, plus the Nativity Story where shepherds with their sheep came to visit the newly born baby Jesus. Countless nursery rhymes, poems, songs, and stories also revolve around sheep, as of course, do many naughty jokes. Perhaps this sheep cushion will provide a backdrop for a variety of these thereby adding laughter as an extra decorative element to an interior space.

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