Felix Rectangular Dining Table with X-Shaped Oak Legs and Glass Top

One of the most important items of furniture for the dining room is the dining table. As the main feature in this room and perhaps also the kitchen, it’s imperative that this furniture piece is both highly functional and attractive in form. This is certainly the case with the Felix rectangular dining table with x-shaped oak wood legs and a tempered glass table top. It seats 6 people and is crafted from real solid American oak. It’s bright, strong, and contemporary in appearance, meaning it will compliment a wide variety of different dining room décor schemes.

There’s plenty of leg space beneath and a lot of table surface on which to enjoy breakfasts, lunches, and evening dinners. It can also be used as a space on which to read the morning newspapers, play board games, complete important work via a laptop, and to just sit and enjoy a cup of tea with family and friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The beautiful oak wood will match well with similar furniture pieces in a dining room such as cabinets, chairs, bookcases, and even old oak doors you might have. The glass top makes it less imposing and overbearing than might more heavy-looking traditional wooden tables.

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