High Quality 4-Slice Red Vario Toaster – Made in England

This red Vario toaster will make a lovely addition to a kitchen interior with a decidedly red décor scheme. The 4-slice toaster is actually made for commercial use but has become increasingly popular in domestic settings. This is thanks to the ingenious award winning and patented ProHeat technology which guarantees increased life and efficiency of the product. In fact, within the international catering community, the toaster has gone on to build a solid reputation of excellence and reliability.

Unlike many kitchen appliances these days, which are usually built in China or elsewhere in Asia, this toaster is English made and even has the individual assembler’s mark on the base plate. As well as looking good, the appliance has a number of helpful functions including: a mechanical timer; selector switch for each individual slot; adjustable inner wire grip guard; high lift mechanism; and a concealed crumb tray, plus a number of other features. The red toaster will have no trouble fitting in with most styles of contemporary kitchen décor found in the United Kingdom and will become a main feature of the food preparation area for years to come.

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