Protruding Resin Buddha Wall Plaque for Meditation Rooms

Have you decided that relaxation and harmony are important aspects you want to add to your life? Perhaps you’ve cleared a back room in order to create a meditation retreat in your home. If so, this protruding resin Buddha wall plaque will add a decorative and symbolic reminder of your spiritual journey and practice. The Buddha head wall sculpture is slightly 3-dimensional in form and presents a meaningful and serene feature on which to focus either during meditating or just when carrying out day-to-day activities around the house.

It can be attached to any wall and in any interior environment. As noted previously, it will look great in a meditation room but will also provide a Buddhist-themed decorative art piece for a living room, bedroom, home office, or indeed the hallway where it will be a reminder to be mindful whenever you enter or leave the home. The Buddha’s closed eyes and gentle smile will be infectious and thus it will be a catalyst for a more relaxed life for all the family. Its protruding features mean it will catch the light well and form interesting and ever changing shadows depending on the time of day.

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