Red Bobble Table Lamp with Candlestick-Style Base

One of the best ways to bring a dash of colour to an interior space is through the medium of light. This delightfully cheerful and energetic red Bobble lamp is a fine example of how a room can be transformed from the mundane and ordinary to the exciting and stimulating. Not only does it provide colourful illumination when lit but the red shiny body and shade also proudly present a colourful feature during the day when the bulb is off.

The Bobble lamp’s base is in the style of a classical candlestick which has been modernised. The shade allows light to diffuse through the shade as well as shine brightly over and under. It’s definitely an accent lighting fixture as well as perfectly functional as a light to read by. It’s fun, funky, and most certainly eye-catching which is basically all the ingredients for a successfully memorable table lamp for a contemporary interior. You can read previous buyer’s reviews to get a further understanding of how it will fit into your home décor arrangements.

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