Segada Cocoon Floor Light Inspired by Silkworms

Some of the best designs in home décor are often inspired by the wonders of nature. This is certainly the case with this beautiful self-standing Segada Cocoon floor lamp which mimics the incredible cocoons that silkworms create before transforming into adult moths. One can clearly see the connection between the silky appearance of this floor light and the cocoons you might well have seen on television nature documentaries.

The natural coloured shade is formed around a wire frame which itself stands securely on a square chrome base which is slightly raised from the floor. The material used in this floor lamp is specially made and results in an extremely resilient and elastic material which is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. The lamp can be placed on the floor or alternatively on a large table top. Either works well and the light provides a visually attractive as well as functional lighting feature to any interior space in which it is situated. The shape and structure is different to most other floor and table top lamps you will be likely to see. Therefore, if you like unique and contemporary lights with a nature-inspired ambiance for your living room or bedroom, this will be ideal.

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