Attractive Solid Pine 3-Leaf Room Screen with Heart Shaped Detailing

Adding a screen and room divider to your home interior will provide you with a decorative element as well as a functional way to hide more unattractive elements of a room. This attractive solid pine 3-leaf screen is an excellent example of how a screen can really compliment a décor scheme and even comes with […]

Rustic Solid Oak Lamp Table – For Flowers Too

Lamp tables are wonderful little furniture pieces that can be placed next to sofas, beds, and armchairs to fulfil a variety of functions. The primary benefit of such a table is hinted at in their name. Table lamps need a secure, flat, and beneficial place on which to be situated. This rustic solid oak lamp […]

Kahla Solid Ash Wall Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Tired of seeing those industrial-looking bathroom cabinets everywhere you look? I’ve always liked a more traditional style in my bathroom and this Kahla bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors is a fine example of what I mean. There’s a slight oriental feel about the solid ash construction which will no doubt compliment a lot of bathroom […]

Minnie Solid Pine White Bunk Bed with Blue Tent and Trundle Guest Bed

Children love bunk beds and so do adults when they are seeking a fun and space saving bedroom furniture piece for their kid’s bedroom. Whether you have twins or two little ones of similar ages, a bunk bed will fulfil a variety of requirements both you and your children will be looking for. This Minnie […]

Hand Printed Illustrated Tower Bridge Cushion from Mr Wingate

London’s Tower Bridge is one of the most recognised landmarks in Britain’s capital city. This light blue cushion features a hand printed illustration of the famous bridge spanning the River Thames and is ideal for a household with fondness for the city and its architectural and naval history. The beautiful illustration is filled with character […]