Attractive Solid Pine 3-Leaf Room Screen with Heart Shaped Detailing

Adding a screen and room divider to your home interior will provide you with a decorative element as well as a functional way to hide more unattractive elements of a room. This attractive solid pine 3-leaf screen is an excellent example of how a screen can really compliment a décor scheme and even comes with heart shaped detailing to finish the overall look. It very much has a distinctive countryside Farmhouse style about it.

Room screens and dividers can be used in many ways. Their primary function in an interior such as a living room is to offer a decorative element to a room and can be placed in corners of the room which might have a lot of wiring and visually unappealing electronic equipment. In a bedroom, a screen is primarily seen as a privacy screen from behind which one changes clothing. The same can apply in a large bathroom. Whatever use you deem fit for this beautiful pine wood screen, it is sure to bring a decidedly rustic country ambiance to an interior.

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