Minnie Solid Pine White Bunk Bed with Blue Tent and Trundle Guest Bed

Children love bunk beds and so do adults when they are seeking a fun and space saving bedroom furniture piece for their kid’s bedroom. Whether you have twins or two little ones of similar ages, a bunk bed will fulfil a variety of requirements both you and your children will be looking for. This Minnie white bunk bed made from solid pine is both a sleeping area for night time and a play area in the day time. A blue tent with pretend windows and a doorway offers many creative and decorative enhancements for a child’s imagination.

The Minnie bunk bed is a high quality solid Scandinavian pine construction but the best feature by far is the addition of a trundle guest bed which can be found beneath the two bunks. When a friend of your children wants to stay the night, you simply roll out the spare bed and you immediately have 3 beds in one. This is an ingenious space saving feature that is ideal for small to medium sized bedrooms. The trundle bed can also become a seating area during the day whether it is used at night or not, thereby also providing seating areas where otherwise they would not be room.

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