Rustic Solid Oak Lamp Table – For Flowers Too

Lamp tables are wonderful little furniture pieces that can be placed next to sofas, beds, and armchairs to fulfil a variety of functions. The primary benefit of such a table is hinted at in their name. Table lamps need a secure, flat, and beneficial place on which to be situated. This rustic solid oak lamp table, as seen in the picture, is both perfectly functional for this job as well as being delightfully attractive with its splendid craftsmanship and form.

The small table features a drawer as well as open space beneath. The drawer allows some everyday items to be safely stored away so as to avoid gathering dust whilst objects such as books, magazines, potpourri bowls and small sculptures can be placed underneath. On the upper surface area of course, all types and sizes of table lamps can be securely positioned to offer excellent light to read. This type of table lends itself wonderfully well to an overall décor scheme in a living room, bedroom, hallway, or even a dining room where ambient lighting is also required. It can also be used to hold vases of flowers or larger artistic sculptures.

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