Union Jack Trunk Coffee Table Imbued with British Charm

You can use this Union Jack trunk coffee table in a variety of ways. As the name suggests it can be used as a coffee table and placed in a central position in a living room or kitchen area, or alternatively it can be employed as a storage trunk for placement in a bedroom, hallway […]

Hand Painted Tang Battle Horse Sculpture

Horses have been a feature of Chinese culture and history for 1000s of years. This hand painted Tang battle horse sculpture captures both the fascinating part horses played in the history of China plus the wonderful features of what is truly a beautiful animal. If you hold a fascination with the history and cultures of […]

Ornamental and Functional Kitchen Scales in a Traditional Style

The traditional kitchen scales you might remember your grandparents using have largely been made redundant with the invention of modern technology. However, no digital scales quite match the beauty, elegance and character of the age-old weighing scales which have their origins in ancient Egypt. This Librasco Black No 5 Kitchen Scale is both for ornamental […]

Rococa Solid Mahogany Shoe Cabinet in an Exquisite Traditional Style

Shoe cabinets for a hallway or bedroom don’t come any more exquisite in form and function than this Rococa solid mahogany shoe cabinet pictured to the right. It’s beautiful to look at with its traditional design and even best of all it can hold up to twelve pairs of shoes at any one time. The […]

Nebula Chandelier with Multiple Curving Arms

The Nebula Chandelier certainly lives up to its name. The lighting fixture features a central chrome sphere from which comes a multitude of irregularly curving arms. Each of these arms ends with either a light bulb or a crystal globe. In Latin, nebula means ‘cloud’, and this is an apt name for such a stunning […]

Blackcurrant Adele Pendant Ceiling Light

The first impression one might gain when looking at this beautiful blackcurrant Adele pendant ceiling light is that it is rather reminiscent of a disco ball. However, that’s where the similarities end, for this light is a delightful lighting feature for just about any room in the home. The egg-shaped oval design together with the […]

Royal Selangor Filled Pewter Theodore Teddy Bear

This pewter teddy bear ornament is an ideal gift for someone you know who loves teddy bears and cute decorative items. With its head slightly tilted to one side, the Royal Selangor Theodore Teddy will make an attractive addition to a living room shelf or bedroom cabinet surface. The filled pewter bear figurine is finely […]

Lloyd Two Drawer Filing Cabinet for a Home Office

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you cannot make your home office area into a more productive and professional environment. This 2-drawer filing cabinet brings the traditional office into the home and provides excellent storage space for important work documents. No longer will you need to store your files and papers in whatever […]

Emmett Chair – Contemporary Living Room Chair in a Choice of Fabrics

With a strong and comfortable back and sides, this stylish and contemporary Emmett Chair is a furniture piece that will suit a variety of living room décor schemes. Comfy cushioning and a sturdy structural framework provide excellent support for the back and body as a whole. One can literally lean back and feel oneself wonderfully […]

Aluminium Stag Head Wall Hanging with Silver Finish

Animal trophy heads are largely associated with big stately homes where the results of the lordship’s hunting expeditions are taxidermied and attached to the wall on plaques. However, this needn’t be the case nowadays where an animal-friendly, cheap and stylish alternative can be enjoyed. A great example is this fine aluminium stag head wall hanging […]

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