Aluminium Stag Head Wall Hanging with Silver Finish

Animal trophy heads are largely associated with big stately homes where the results of the lordship’s hunting expeditions are taxidermied and attached to the wall on plaques. However, this needn’t be the case nowadays where an animal-friendly, cheap and stylish alternative can be enjoyed. A great example is this fine aluminium stag head wall hanging which comes in a splendid silver finish. Towering antlers provide an extra impressive decorative feature which will create an exciting feature piece for any room in which it is located.

The beautiful artistic quality of this wall sculpture will compliment rooms with spacious abundance and sophisticated ambiances. The shiny silver finish will catch the rays of daylight and act in the same manner as a mirror in reflecting light and making any interior space seem bigger and indeed, more dynamic. The natural forms of stags and deer lend themselves so well to artistic representation and this aluminium stag head, in the basic style of the traditional trophy head, is no different. For any lover of nature, animals and creative contemporary sculptures, this eye-catching stag head will be a great addition to the home.

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