Blackcurrant Adele Pendant Ceiling Light

The first impression one might gain when looking at this beautiful blackcurrant Adele pendant ceiling light is that it is rather reminiscent of a disco ball. However, that’s where the similarities end, for this light is a delightful lighting feature for just about any room in the home. The egg-shaped oval design together with the circular cassis (blackcurrant in French) “windows” gives it a decidedly elegant and sophisticated appeal.

When lit, the light throws patterns onto nearby surfaces and imbues the interior in which it is located with a plum coloured ambiance. For a room which is needing some extra colour added to the scene in some way, this Adele pendant ceiling light will be a wonderful addition. It can be hung over a bed in a master bedroom or it can be situated in a living room, dining room or study area to bring a fruity warmth to a space.

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