Hand Painted Tang Battle Horse Sculpture

Horses have been a feature of Chinese culture and history for 1000s of years. This hand painted Tang battle horse sculpture captures both the fascinating part horses played in the history of China plus the wonderful features of what is truly a beautiful animal. If you hold a fascination with the history and cultures of eastern Asia together with a fondness for horses, then this Tang battle horse sculpture will make a lovely decorative addition to your home.

No other animal has had such an impact on the development of China than that of the horse. It has been estimated that horses were first domesticated in this region around 5,000 years ago and were used for sport, war, art, travel and ceremony. In fact, as many museum pieces can attest to, horses were a major theme when it came to sculpture and art. The Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) is the most well-known for these beautiful creations. This horse sculpture is decorated with an antiqued gold coloured pattern and comes with a flowing rug upon its back. It will certainly catch the attention in which ever setting it is placed.

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