Nebula Chandelier with Multiple Curving Arms

The Nebula Chandelier certainly lives up to its name. The lighting fixture features a central chrome sphere from which comes a multitude of irregularly curving arms. Each of these arms ends with either a light bulb or a crystal globe. In Latin, nebula means ‘cloud’, and this is an apt name for such a stunning piece of sculptural lighting work. It’s reasonably compact as well thus making it easy to install in most rooms in the average home.

It can also be presented in a work place, for example in the waiting room of a beauty salon or in part of the home which might have been converted into a semi-work environment such as a consultation room. Of course, it’s best suited for domestic surroundings and in particular will look lovely over a bed, sofa or dining room table. The nebula chandelier will also suit interiors with a lot of natural daylight as the crystal spheres will catch this light and refract it across the walls in a truly beautiful manner.

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